Announced detailed information about the 2018 Honda Civic Si sedan and coupe

Finally, Honda has also unveiled the new Civic Si in both sedan and coupe styles and provided full details on the 205 hp Civic sport version.

Honda Civic Si sedan is placed right below the segment of the upcoming Civic Type R, with this model Honda aims to customers who wish to use the vehicle everyday as a means of transportation normally.

The power of the new Civic Si comes from a direct injection gasoline engine, a 1.5-liter supercharger producing 205 horsepower and 260Nm of maximum torque. Comes with 6-speed manual gearbox.

With the powertrain, Honda says the new Civic Si will provide the driver with an exciting driving experience with plenty of low engine rumble and plenty of torque available at almost every stage of the engine, especially maximum torque levels can be maintained at over 70% of the rotation.

In addition, the new Civic Si is slightly lighter than its predecessor, and also has a stiffer chassis that is upgraded from the chassis of the smaller cars to deliver better performance.

These upgrades include electric steering, sport suspension with active dampers, limited slip differential, front 12.3-inch disc brakes, 235/40 R18 tires, tires also Honda can be decorated with special gliders as an option.

Sports suspension on the new Civic Si has a higher proportion of spring stiffening, stiff bars also 30% stiffer on the front and more than 60% on the rear, the front and rear axles of the control bars are Borrowed directly from Civic Type R.

Honda offers two driving modes to choose from on the Civic Si, including: Normal and Sport, in which Sport adjusts suspension, accelerated response and steering wheel for a more direct and sporty feel.

In addition to the new powertrains, the new Honda Civic Si is also significantly improved on the exterior. The car features a black front bumper with large vent holes, 18-inch alloy wheels with a sporty 10-spoke design. The body is finished in two color tones and the chrome-plated exhaust manifold is mounted in the center of the bumper and rear.

In particular, the Honda Civic Si sedan is equipped with more sophisticated spoilers with LED brake lights, while the coupe retains the broad beam and adds a rear wing.

The new Honda Civic Si cabin is exclusive with sport seats and red stitching highlighting on the seat and on both sides of the door panels, steering wheel and boot are modern leather trim with knob switch made of Aluminum bright beautiful eyes.

In addition, Honda also offers a number of new Civic Si upgrade kits, including the EX-T Civic Sedan and the EX-T Civic Coupe, with features such as 2-zone automatic climate control, front seats Electric heater and automatic sensor wiper, 7 inch entertainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. All versions of the Civic Si 2018 have AM/FM/CD sound system, 10 450W speakers with SiriusXM radio, HD radio and Pandora sunroof.

Honda said the 2018 Civic Si sedan and coupe will be officially launched next month at a starting price of about $20,000.

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