Android O let users pause system updates

When using any type of devices, system software updates are important to notice; they can support new features, upgrade the old ones as well as vital security patches. Unfortunately, these updated files are often very large and can become available at unsuitable time. For example, nobody likes to begin to download where the internet is not good or be on the situation which they cannot charge the battery when it’s needed. Therefore, the upcoming Android 0 will have handy fix.

With the developer preview of the new version of Android now rolling out, users have choice to make decisions to pause the download of large system updates. It is possible to pause the download things like apps and files for some time now, but this is the first option which has been available for system software.

The feature is actually part of new update to the Play services that is considering limited testing, but it’s likely to wider when the Android O is released the end of this year. The pause option is not just limited to large system updated, it can be used in smaller files as well, but because those usually download quicker most users do not notice.



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