Android 8.0 with many improvements can be launched in May

Google’s new mobile operating system will be equipped with intelligent copying, information recognition or drawing on the screen to perform tasks.

According to VentureBeat, Copy Less is one of the features that can appear on Android O (8.0). It allows the phone to automatically detect related information when users copy, read information from a textual source or email.

For example, users are talking to their friends about dinner and finding a shop through the app suggesting the restaurant. When you go back to the conversation, just type the word “eat at …” then Android 8.0 automatically prompts the user to enter the store name you just watched.

Meanwhile, with the identity information, addresses and telephone numbers exchanged by email or text messages will be linked automatically. For example, someone who sends you a text message with a street address, the new Android operating system will “understand” and when clicked, the Google Maps app will open the location.

The ability to recognize places in conversations has appeared on iOS since many years ago, so it will soon appear on Android.

Android 8.0 can also support handwriting gesture recognition. For example, if you draw a “C” screen, the phone opens the camera app, or typing “T” will activate the messaging software. Sources say this feature may be delayed or removed.

Google is expected to announce Android O at the developer event in May, which will launch the beta in the fall. Preparing for the new version, but Android operating system currently only 2% of users upgrade.

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