AirPods is the hardest to produce device ever

Continuing to sell late, the sale of “drip” in the long time makes AirPods wireless headset is questionable hard to produce.

Apple is a very cautious manufacturer of electronic equipment. For any product launch, the company also takes care of them to the best before coming to the users. The same goes for sales, US company is always exploring the market before setting higher targets. For example, when the first iPhone was introduced, Apple set a target of 10 million units, but then, due to increased demand, the company continued to order partners increase output. The iPod also has a similar approach.

In fact, when looking at Apple’s history, many of its products are well received but hard to produce. However, somehow, the problem was resolved quickly in just a few months. In recent years, Apple has spent about three months in responding to iPhone demand for users if it feels the need grows.

But AirPods wireless headset is another story. With superior sound quality that has been praised by many professionals, the battery life is more than 5 hours and can be fast charged for reuse, protected by a scratch-resistant casing, compact charger, compact and easy to use, many features … but only $160. Obviously, the price is commensurate with features that make this headset is a lot of users favorite and buy.

However, buying this headset is not easy. In addition to spending money above, instead of being shipped immediately, users need to wait more 6 weeks to be able to “on the ear” the AirPods. Emphasize that, 6 weeks is the earliest time, and may be delayed if delivery is delayed.

According to Phonearena, the six-week delivery of a headset sold more than four months ago is “strange” to a big company like Apple. That is not to say the device even launched simultaneously with the iPhone 7 but repeatedly late to the user. There are many reasons given, mainly related to technology, but whether the world’s leading expert team can not solve it?

Since then, Phonearena predicted that AirPods could be Apple’s “the hardest-to-produce” device of all time. Because, the only reason that explains satisfactorily the questions related to the delay as mentioned.

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