Air quality monitoring device attached iPhone

Compact design that plugs into the Lightning port of iPhone, users can measure the humidity, temperature and quality of the ambient air.

The product, called Sprimo, developed by Sprimo Labs, is raising funds on Kichstarter.

The device does not require battery, and does not even need to be turned on. When plugged into the phone and the accompanying application was started, it began to measure the temperature, humidity and quality of ambient air.

Test results are based on levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air, shown on the phone screen in digits and colors. The low and green numbers are good, the average and the yellow are okay. If large numbers and red color is very bad air quality.

Based on this result, users can choose to leave the area or discard the origin of VOCs, if possible. For example, get rid of dirty furniture or cigarette smoke …

In addition, the application allows users to become part of the Sprimo community. Participating in it, users can know the air quality of people in different locations based on the map display. The retail price of the device is $40. An Android version is thought to be growing.

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