AI is continuing its world domination at Mobile World Congress 2017

In 2011, Marc Andreessen, a Silicon Valley investor and web pioneer believed that software is controlling the world. The bloom of app ecosystems seems to prove his point of view however things have changed dramatically since then. It might be more correct when say that AI is a core to help software control the world. This thing is proved at this year’s Mobile World Congress, took place in Barcelona (Spain).

At this event, Motorola had is working with Amazon to build a Moto Mod that will make use of Alexa. For example, it would be ideal to ask an AI make a reservation at a restaurant mentioned in an email a day before. With Alexa set to be a main component of any Moto Phone, Dery and the team hope to find a way to break down the walls between the AI assistants and the information that could make then truly helpful.

So far, many technology companies also have considered AI as a core. Huawei made a decision earlier this year to commit to putting Alexa on the Mate 9. LG does not have their own AI but they are closely working with Google and G6 is the first non-pixel phone to come with Google’s Assistant. HTC’s U Ultra has a second screen where suggestions and notifications generated by the HTC Companion will pop up, though the Companion isn’t available on versions of the Ultra already floating around. And then there’s Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which is expected to come with an assistant named Bixby when it’s officially unveiled in New York later this month.

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