After waiting for a long time, Amazon appears in Singapore this week

It has been around some information since the end of last year, however, until this week, Amazon has just officially appeared in Singapore. According to some information, the U.S. retail giant will begin deploying Amazon Prime Now service this week.

Amazon Prime Now is a subscription service in which customers can make online purchases and receive orders within 2 hours. Products including in this service are electronics, home appliances and essentials. These subscribers also can use Amazon’s online movie service.

In fact, Amazon Web Service has set up office in Singapore to serve the Asia-Pacific market. Amazon’s commitment to the lion’s online retail market is considered as a bold decision because it is where the services like Qoo10, Tokopedia, Alibaba- Lazada dominate.

Lazada CEO Max Bittner shared on Tech in Asia Singapore 2017 that he thought Amazon would launch in late May. They have delayed a few times but maybe they will appear at a favorable time.

Lazada and Redmart, which Amazon acquired last year, teamed up with Uber and Netflix to develop LiveUP service to earn points, discounts and other benefits in April. This is supposed to be a leapfrog Amazon Prime Now

“We think it would be an advantage to give customers what they really want on a variety of services, to bring something better than what Amazon can bring.” – Lazada Singapore CEO Alexis Lanternier asserts.

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