After 32 years, MS Paint may be leaving Windows

Microsoft Paint, associated with many generations of Windows, will officially die in the Windows 10 Fall Creator update.

The next Windows 10 updated from Microsoft, called Windows 10 Fall Creator, promises to have many more useful new features, however there will be no Microsoft Paint.

Released with the first version of Windows in 1985, Microsoft Paint is the most widely used graphical editor. As a result, it has become a major part of Windows and been always integrated into later versions.

In Windows 10 Creator Update version released in April, Microsoft has introduced a new Paint 3D application. The application has tools for 3D imaging as well as basically 2D image editing. It is not an update for original Paint, however, a new standalone application. Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Paint, Outlook Express, Reader and Reading will be on the list dead applications in the upcoming Widows 10 Fall Creator update.

Paint has never been considered as a powerful photo editing application. The latest version of Paint for Windows 7 has been improved and upgraded in terms of features and performance. However, if you want to create a shape or something with your mouse or do a quick cut and paste job, Paint is definitely the best supported for users both in terms of work efficiency and time doing.

We do not know the specific time that Paint will be removed from Windows, however, this might probably happen in near future because the update Windows 10 Fall Creator will be soon launched in this autumn. Like Clippy, no matter what, this will be a memorable moment in the history of Windows.

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