Add new features, Facebook threatens the throne of YouTube

Facebook Watch allows viewers, followers, and instant playlist on the News Feed as a real Youtube channel. And people who have videos post on Watch also have attractive profit margins.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook said that the company will soon feature users to watch more convenient video, called Watch.

Earlier, there were rumors that Facebook was focusing on television programs. However, Watch feature is more similar to Youtube. User can explore videos which are not on New Feed, make a playlist of favorite videos with Watchlists and follow their favorite artists like Tastemade, Major League Baseball, or Nas.

Also, this feature will be test by certain users and video producers on August 10. In addition, individuals who agree to cooperate with Facebook to make an exclusive Watch videos receive an attractive return of up to 55% of ad revenue, while Facebook only receive 45 %.

This profitable turns Facebook Watch into a formidable competitor, making it difficult for YouTube to attract more people to make videos.

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