A small, beautiful and lovely camera DSLR 200D

Recently, Canon has replaced the smallest product DSLR 100D by a new item called 200D with many new function.
100D is the smallest camera which Canon released four years ago. Last month, the brand made a decision to upgrade this item with a number of different features from inside to outside.

The 200D uses the new 24 MPX sensor developer by Canon, along with the Digic 7 image processor to increase color reproduction ability and image noise reduction. The camera is equipped with Liveview Dual Pixel AF, which is useful for both shooting and video recording. The viewfinder focus system of the device has 9 points and 1points cross.

The video recording ability of 200D was also upgraded with 1080p ability recording is 60 frame per second when compared 30 frame of the 100D. Moreover, there are Bluetooth, Wifi and NFC integrated to share photos quicker in the mobile devices.

The upgrade that users put the most expectation is a 3inch touch screen with the capable of rotating, flipping and folding, which functions are very useful for taking pictures or filming at high and low angles where user cannot see the screen or viewfinder.

The back of the camera has a button layout which is identical to the 100D, thus, anyone who upgrade this camera will feel very familiar. Camera screen can be folded in if it is not in use.

Top features a removable flash hub, mode dial, power button, power button, and on/off button. The shutter button is made of metal with diamond cut edges that look more luxurious than plastic buttons of 100D.

The grip of the machine has been deeper and thicker than the old one to make the feeling of the grip more comfortable. The left side has a mic slot and a soft shutter wire. The right side has HDMI and mini USB. Batteries and memory cards are put together at the bottom of the machine. The edge must have a small button to turn off Wifi. Of course, there is a flash for lighting in dark conditions.










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