A mid-level tablet – Huawei MEDIAPap T1-701UA

To support for students and users who have lower income, MEDIAPad T1-701UA is suitable for studying and the basic need of entertainment.

MEDIAPad T1-701UA belongs to Premium Edition, the upgraded version of T1-701U. Comparing with T1-701U, this upgraded version can definitely bring better experience for users. In spite of being considered as a mid-level tablet, the design of MEDIAPad T1 still looks good with quite cool back. In conclusion, there is no reprehensible point in its design. Though its configuration seems not to be as advanced as other tablet in current market, it can meet users’ basic need such as a 5MP photo with the back camera.

In terms of design, the front part of MEDIAPad T1 is quite similar to other mid-level tablet released recently. That the edge of screen looks quite thick while the range of navigation keys is still integrated in the screen makes the design unsuitable. However, the back of this device by aluminum alloy makes it look stronger and more elegant. It should be noticed that the device is equipped with a 2MP front camera and 5MP back camera. Below are some images of this tablet.

In terms of configuration, MEDIAPad T1 was included with a quad-core processor, Spreadtrum SC7731G with clock of 1.2 GHz, a graphics chip Mali-400MP, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory and integrated with a 32 GB micro-SD memory card slot and 3G micro-SIM slot. It runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat with the launcher- Emotion UI 3.0 interface. Though MEDIAPad T1 is a device with low configuration, users can feel satisfied if they use it for basic needs. Obviously, some games which requires higher configuration like Asphalt 8 cannot work smoothly in this tablet.

MEDIAPad T1 has a 7-inch screen with the resolution of 600×1024 pixels on IPS panel. Despite the average visibility, pixel and perspective is quite good.  The maximum brightness of the screen only reaches the mid-level; therefore, it will be quite uncomfortable for users to use it under the sunshine. The note-worthy point is that the 5MP back camera can automatically select the focused area. Besides, it is also supported by flash LED like in smartphone to make it easier for users to keep their best moment.

All in all, MEDIAPad T1 can support for the basic need of users. Though it cannot bring the best experience for blockbusters in HD quality and games with high configuration, it is obvious that all of MEDIAPad T1’s features are suitable for such low price. It is impossible for a mid-level device to support all users’ requirement perfectly.

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