5 different things between Galaxy Note7 and Galaxy Note Fan Edition

  1. A 3.200mAh battery is extremely safe

The biggest difference between Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note FE is the battery. A 3.500mAh is replaced by a 3.200mAh battery. Despite the fact that phone battery life will be shorter, it will be safer for users. It is produced on a chain of 8 strict rounds, which mean it gives user safe feeling than ever.

  1. Use the Snapdragon 821 processor

At the launched time, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the U.S. was equipped with the most powerful chip at the time, Snapdragon 820, and other countries own Exynos 8890. Now with Galaxy Note FE, Samsung comes with Snapdragon 821. It is definitely that Snapdragon 835 is not for Note FE because many people might choose Note FE than Note 8 – phablet screen is scheduled to launch in late August, early September

  1. Some changes in appearance

Do you notice anything different? Yes, similar to the Galaxy S8 / S8 +, Note FE does not have the Samsung logo under the mic slot first, it will make the device feel more seamless. On the back also has the word Fan Edition to let everyone know, you are a hard SamFan.

  1. The user interface of the Galaxy S8

Galaxy Note FE is a Korean manufacturer of Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 + experience interface preinstalled for the device. It also has a lot of similarities with Note 7’s Grace UX.

  1. Bixby

Bixby is no longer exclusive on Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 +, as Samsung has decided to bring it to Galaxy Note 7 FE, to be more precise, it is part of Samsung Experience. However, Samsung Galaxy Note FE does not have a Bixby button, which means users cannot call her a virtual assistant with a button on their smartphone.

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