2019 Ford Focus unveils its production

Ford’s next generation Focus has been seen in a testing with its all new body for the first time, undercover of black and white camouflage.

Expected to launch in the end of 2018, the new Focus will have the same formula with the current car but in its pursuit to better rival the Volkswagen Golf, Opel/Vauxhall Astra and Renault Megane, will be bigger then before and adopt a more spacious interior.

It is hard to comment the new Focus because of the camouflage but on of the components really worth mentioning are the headlights which do not appear all too dissimilar to the current car. At the rear, it seemed to be a significant change is the upgraded taillights.

The shape of the body is quite different from the current car. The C-pillar appears to have been pushed back while the rear window is more upright.

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