2017 Renault Captur discloses photos ahead of Geneva debut

The new Renault Captur is going to be released at the Geneva International Moto Show next week. With upgraded design inside and outside, and the new equipment, the crossover intends to retain its leadership in Europe.

Although Renault did not disclose full of car’s information, we can see that this car is the updated version not a new on through the leaking images.

Renault brings updates to new design such as new LED headlights on some models with C-shaped LED daytime running lights integrated into the low bumper.

The grille has been redesigned to make it look bigger with a chrome strip highlight. The French brand also keeps the essentials responsible for its success, including its two-tone body colour option. Customers now have 2 more colour options with two new body colours: Desert Orange and Ocean Blue, and a new roof colour, Mercury Silver. Motorists can choose from 36 different combinations to create their very own Captur.

One of the other impress that Renault bring their customers is there are 4 new wheel options available namely two 16-inch designs, and two 17-inch spinners.

The new Renault Captur will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show March 7, 2017.

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